Langkawi Island Attractions.

For those who are planning to visit Langkawi Island, Malaysia here are few attractions you MUST do/try/visit.

1. Sky Cab - Langkawi Cable Car

The Base Station is conveniently located on foothill of the Machincang mountain. From here, visitors will be taken up to the cool Machincang mountain via the cablecar system. The ride will be an exhilarating experience for everyone to enjoy. You will also be able to catch a glimpse of the flora and fauna that surrounds the area.

It consist of 3 stations, where the cable car will stop and let the visitors to enjoy the view. The highest station is at 700 meter above sea level. 

Sky Cab
Ready to ride
The View

2. Snorkeling at Pulau Payar

You will need to buy a ferry ticket at the Jetty Kuah. Distance from Jetty to Pulau Payar takes about 30 minutes and once you there you will be amazed by its beautiful scenery and fishes. You can also see a friends of baby shark there. Don't forget to bring with you some breads to feed the fishes. This snorkeling trip is from 9 am to 4 pm including lunch.

Platform / meeting place


Underwater observation deck

3. Eagle Statue

Just a walking distance from Jetty Kuah, this statue in fact is the symbolic of Langkawi Island. If  this place does not include in your journey then it is incomplete. Take a few shots of picture and you are ready for next adventure!

View from the entrance

Langkawi Island's symbolic

Jetty just a walking distance

4. Mangrove Tour & Sightseeing

This tour is a must for every person who visits Langkawi. Located at Tanjung Rhu, it offers you an unforgettable sights and experiences of Kilim Nature Park; an escape to another world. As you cruise down the calm, winding river, you will observe the wonders of the park's marine ecosystem, its flora and fauna and the natural inhabitants such as the over-hanging 'Bogak Tree', Brown Eagles, Tree Crabs, Monitor Lizards and Macaques. You can choose up to 5 hours of tour by boat which will cover:
Bat Cave
Fish Farm
Eagle Feeding
Mangrove Sightseeing
Crocodile Cave
Open Sea (Andaman Sea)
Mangrove Sightseeing 
Icon Kilim Geoforest Park
Lunch at Hole in The Wall Restaurant 
Swimming At The Island Beach 

Recommended to stop and eat at the fish farm as they offer you fresh seafood and yummy taste! Although the price is a bit expensive but it is worth it. You will never regret!!


Feed the monkeys

Eagles feeding

5. Recommended Restaurant

5a. The Cliff

The Restaurant offers you a culinary journey, tempting and exciting your taste buds with various dishes. It is The Cliff’s desire to revive the taste and appreciation of authentic Malay recipes and traditional Continental cuisine. These innovative twists can be seen from the appetizers, soups and main dishes, in the presentations, sauces prepared and the chinaware selected. The dessert menu is a treasure trove where you just have to try every single creation. Modern in its surrounding with distinctive Tropical Island accents.

Fine dining concept, a bit pricey but the foods was awesome!

The Cliff

Dine by the sea


5b. Fish Farm

I can give almost a perfect score for this place. Its interior designs, foods, service, uniqueness and the list goes on! At entrance you can see a few aquariums for customer to choose their meal of the day. From fish, big prawn, and other kind of seafood. You can dine in by the sea or indoor, also choose to sit on the chair or sit on the floor as Malaysian Traditional culture. You also can go fishing, and your catch will be cook by the chef. A very pleasant and fantastic dining experience i had here. You should try it!! 

Fish Farm Restaurant & Resort.
Choose what to eat
Beautiful Garden
Wall of fame
The Foods
Dine by the sea

Thats it for now. Hopefully you will have a super fantastic journey in Langkawi!

Trip to Krabi. Itienary & activities (Part 2)

Part 2 : Activities

Ao Nang Beach
A lot of activities you can do in Ao Nang. Those are the most popular activities among tourist:
1) Phi Phi Islands (Number one attraction in Krabi)
2) Hong Island 
3) 4 Island
4) James Bond Island
7) Tiger Cave (Krabi Town)
9) Elephant Trekking 

To do all listed activities above you must go to any travel and tour booth to book your trip. For Island tours you only can book 1 trip in one day because the trip starts from morning and ends in evening. 

So, during our trip we only manage to cover Phi Phi Islands, Hong Islands and Elephant trekking. I definitely recommend Stronger Travel & Tour. It is located just beside the Jeseao Restaurant (Italian cuisine). The person in charge is so friendly, speaks English well and among all Travel & Tours that i had surveyed they offer the cheapest price in Ao Nang.

TIPs : ALWAYS BARGAIN FOR THE LOWEST PRICE. (by asking 'what is the best price you can give me?')

Phi Phi Islands (28 January 2014)
Price : Baht 1300 per person including Lunch and drinking water (by Speed Boat)
Trip: 8am to 4pm.

So the trip starts at 8.30am. A representative from tour company will fetch you from the hotel and bring you down to the Ao Nang beach. 
This exhilarating island-hopping tour takes you to no less than four islands with several stops or sightseeing slows down at their most beautiful bays and beaches: Monkey Beach and Laem Thong on Koh Phi Phi Don; Maya Bay, Pi-Leh bay, Loh Sama Bay and Viking Cave on Koh Phi Phi Leh, Bamboo Island beach

-Viking Cave (Sightseeing)

Viking Cave
Here, there is a thriving bird's nest soup industry for export.

-Pileh Bay (Sightseeing)

Pileh Bay

-Maya Bay (Stop for 1 hour and 30 minutes)
It takes about 40 minutes by speed boat from Ao Nang beach to reach Maya Bay. At Maya Bay you can do snorkeling or walk around Hadnopparattara-Koh Phi Phi National Park. Life jacket and goggles are provided by the tour company.

Maya Bay 
When you are at Maya Bay don't forget to walk inside Had Nopparattara-Koh Phi Phi National Park. At the end of the park there is a place that you can take a beautiful picture with a Loh Sama Bay's background. Only 5 minutes walk from Maya Bay beach.

Hat Nopphharat Thara - Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park

Loh Sama Bay
During snorkeling the tour guide guy gonna give you few pieces of bread so that you can feed the fishes there.

-Monkey Beach (Snorkeling)

Monkey Beach
-Phi Phi Island (Stop for 1 hour and 30 minutes)
Here, you gonna have your lunch at the canteen provided. The food was so nice with so many choices such as rice, sweet sour fish, chicken Tom Yam soup, meatballs, Salads, Spaghetti, fruits and also tea and coffee. All is free as it is include in your trip payment. You can wander around along the beach where there have few bars, souvenir shops or you can go to Phi Phi town about 15 minutes by walking. Usually the beach is full with people doing sunbathing.

Phi Phi Island

-Bamboo Islands (stop for 45 minutes)
This is the last destination of Phi Phi Island Trip. People enjoys sunbathing here and relax under the bamboo tree. It is a very nice place to relax.

Bamboo Island
On the way back, the tour company will serve you with watermelon and pineapple as a back home snack. You reach Ao Nang beach at 5pm and the tour company will send you to your hotel.

Total spent 28 Januay 2014 (*price per person)
Phi Phi Island Tips               Baht 50
Souvenir                                Baht 1500
Dinner                                    Baht 300
Other                                       Baht 100
Elephant Trekking              Baht 500*
TOTAL                                    Baht 2450

Hong Island (29 January 2014)
Price : Baht 1150 per person including Lunch, drinking water and Kayaking (by longtail boat)
Trip: 8am to 5pm.

So the trip starts at 8.30am. A representative from tour company will fetch you from the hotel and bring you down to the beach. 
Longtail boat transfer to Hong Island then Paradise Island after that to Pakbia Island and Rai Island with stops on the sandy beaches for relaxing. Stops at Pakbia Island and Rai Island depends on the water level, usually if the water is rising the boat captain only take you to Hong Island and Paradise Island.

-Hong Island. (stop for 2 Hours)
For me, Hong Island are more beautiful than Phi Phi Island. It is not crowded like Phi Phi Island. The tour guide said in next 2 years there will be no more trip to Hong Island because the King want to take it and make it as a private Island. So you better visit it! 

Here you can do snorkeling and kayaking. Life jacket and goggles are provided by tour company.

If you want to try kayaking, Hong Island is the best place to kayak. You will be kayaking around the Island which length 10 kilometer. It is very adventurous because the waves is unpredictable and also tiring but it is a worth experience. During kayaking you gonna go to Hong lagoon which offer a very nice scenery.
After tiring session of Snorkeling and Kayaking you will have your lunch here.

Hong Island (Snorkeling area)
Kayaking at Hong Island
Hong Lagoon

 Don't forget to bring your own bread to feed the fishes.

-Paradise Island (Stop for 40 minutes)
It is a small island for snorkeling and relaxing. They provided small shops and swing for you to have fun.
Paradise Island
Play Swing by the beach
At 4/5pm you gonna reach the Ao Nang beach and you will be transfer to your hotel by transportation provided by the tour company.

Total spent 28 Januay 2014 (*price per person)
Laundry                                Baht 52
Coconut oil                        Baht 190
Dinner                                 Baht 320
Beccofino (Dessert)       Baht 200
Other                                     Baht 50
TOTAL                                  Baht 812

Elephant Trekking (30 January 2014)
Price : Baht 500 per person including drinking water (1 hour trekking)
Time: It is up to you. from 9am to 4pm every 1 hour. Choose your time.

We went for elephant trekking at 10 am, and the tour company fetch us at the Hotel and send us to the elephant trekking site (about 10 minutes).
You will ride an elephant into the rubber estate for 20 minutes then the guide will show you how they usually feed the elephant and also take the elephant into the water. While in the water, there will be a splash war among the elephants using its trunk.
Starting Point

Elephant bath time

Elephant Trekking
At the end of the trekking, they will sell a photograph (Baht 150) of you on the elephant that had been taken before the trekking begin. You can also feed the elephant by buying a basket of banana valued Baht 50.

After 1 hour, the driver will send you back to your hotel.

Total spent 30 Januay 2014 (*price per person)
Lunch                        Baht 340
Massage                   Baht 200*
Foot Scrub             Baht 100*
Dinner                      Baht 300
Other                        Baht 100
TOTAL                    Baht 1040

Trip to Krabi. Itienary & activities (Part 1)

Part 1: Place to Stay.

How to get there?
from Malaysia:
a) by bus - Puduraya to Hatyai (Rm 60) - AC Van to Krabi Town (Baht 250) - Taxi to Ao Nang (Baht 50)
b) Airplane - RM 350 return With AirAsia straight from Kuala Lumpur to Krabi Airport

Krabi - Where to stay?
a) Krabi town - 16 kilometer to Ao Nang, you can enjoy river view, Walking street and night market.
Taxi from Krabi Town to Ao Nang starts at 6.30 am till 11.00 pm, every 40 minutes. (Baht 50 per person)

Krabi Town
b) Ao Nang - Near to the beach, all Island trip starts at Ao Nang beach. Recommended than Krabi Town. On the left and right side of the road you can found many shops (souvenir, Travel & Tour, pharmacy, money exchange, Restaurant and other).

Ao Nang Road
We reached Krabi Airport on 27 January 2014 at 6.00pm, from there you can choose to go to your hotel:
by bus: Baht 15 - Bus will drop you in front of your hotel. Just state where you stay to the driver.
by taxi: Baht 150. Air conditioner Car.

We stayed in Ao Nang at a Hotel called Popeye (pronounce: pop eye). Popeye Hotel are famous with cheap rooms and excellent services. They also have a very nice bar in front of the hotel, laundry services (Baht 35 per kg), tattoo shop, saloon and massage shop. It is near to Mcdonald, 7 Eleven, souvenir and massage shops.
Popeye doesn't listed on Agoda or other booking sites, you have to walk in to stay here.

Popeye rates
Baht 700 per night, basic
double bed
Hot & Cold Shower
Private toilet

Baht 800
Double Bed
Hot & Cold Shower
Private toilet
Air Conditioner

Baht 1000
Double Bed
Hot & Cold Shower
Private toilet
Air Conditioner

After check in, we walk around and book our trip to Phi Phi Island and Hong Island.

Total spent 27 Januay 2014 (*price per person)
Bus from Airport                                 Baht 15*
Phi Phi Island                                        Baht 1300*
Hong Island & Kayaking                   Baht 1100*
Popeye (800 X 3 nights)                    Baht 2400
TukTuk to Hawker Stall                    Baht 20*
Dinner (Hawker Stall)                       Baht 300
Waterproof bag (5 Liter)                  Baht 250
Slipper                                                     Baht 150
Three quarter pant                             Baht 250
Other                                                        Baht 100
TOTAL                                                  Baht 5885

Trip to Krabi. Itienary and activities. (Part 2)